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Manifatture Sigaro Toscano S.P.A. is a company that produces an Italian cigar that has the strength of over 200 years of history. Established in Florence, Toscano cigars became known as ‘The Sharing Cigar’ as the cigar gained acclaim for it’s trademark rugged texture and a unique shape that features smaller ends of the cigar with a larger middle. As a result, the cigars are often cut in half and can be enjoyed with a friend. Currently, Toscanos are made of high quality fermented tobacco from Kentucky.

The birth of TOSCANO cigars is linked to a casual and extraordinary event that has its roots in history and legend, when in 1815 in Florence, a summer rain drained enough water to wet several barrels of Kentucky tobacco that was stocked in the factory courtyard. The amount of water and the Italian hot summer started a fermentation process, and since it was not possible to cast all that tobacco into the Arno river, the decision was made to produce cigars with a completely new taste to be sold to the citizens of Florence. It was an immediate success and the Toscano process remains much the same over 200 years later. With such a long history, the Toscano brand has become iconic and is inextricably linked to the development of Italy.