About Us

Thank you kindly for taking an interest…

Founded in the early stages of 2012 through a collective love of cigars, the desire to own and operate our own business and to create a space that would make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome, comfortable and included, came Village Cigar Company & Barbershop.

Village Cigar Company & Barbershop was originally just an idea that quickly grew to an obsession and finally a reality.

After signing the lease in Village Square in beautiful Downtown Burlington, Ontario in May 2012, we wasted no time starting demolition just moments after the keys landed in the palms of our hands. The next two months were spent relentlessly charging forward to build the shop we always envisioned. We enlisted the help of some very knowledgeable and extremely generous friends and family to create what you all see today, which is not merely just a retail location. Our goal was to create a community; to enhance peoples’ enjoyment of cigars, pipes, gentlemanly accoutrements and Traditional Barbering by representing the culture to its fullest.

We opened our doors to much anticipation on July 20th, 2012. Opening day was a special one as we filled the shop not only with those supporters who helped make it happen, but also new friends we hoped would join in the excitement of this new space. Since that day, we have continued to meet new friends and have also continued to expand our offering of fine cigars from around the world on a weekly basis.

Not only have we expanded our offerings, but also our footprint.

In May of 2015 we grew to open our 2nd shop in neighbouring historic Downtown Oakville. Another arm of our community reached out with an additional crew of the finest traditional barbers and a walk-in humidor that continues to bring smiles to our faces to this day.

And we weren’t quite done there. Acting on an affection for royal Downtown Guelph, we completed our triangle of delight by opening our 3rd shop in July of 2017. Located in a century old home bringing you multiple levels of stimulation, this shop is as much a sight to behold as it is an extension to our original concept bringing the two worlds of Premium Cigars & Traditional Barbering together where they truly belong.

Our meticulously maintained, custom built walk-in humidors are our ultimate pride and joy but it’s just the beginning of the experience. We are more than happy to spend time in there with you, talking about your likes and preferences, but it’s when you step outside of the humidor where the community truly takes shape. You are welcome at any time to sit outside with your newly acquired cigar and join us as we take in a movie, a game, or just to watch the world go by during this time of bliss.

For those of you who wish to feel as though you have stepped back in time, we also offer traditional barbering services. We have expert in-house barbers offering the finest in men’s haircuts and traditional hot towel straight razor shaves via one of our many antique barber chairs. It’s truly an experience you won’t forget: sit and get cleaned up, grab a cigar, then shoot the shit as the afternoon passes by.

So whether you’re new to our VCC&B experience or you’ve been with us since Day One, we encourage you to stop in, get to know us and enjoy your favourite cigar or even try something entirely new. Most of all, we’re simply looking forward to meeting you.