Toscano Classico (5 Pack)



The birth of TOSCANO Classico Italian cigars is linked to a casual and extraordinary event that has its roots in history and legend, when in 1815 in Florence, a summer rain drained enough water to wet several barrels of Kentucky tobacco that was stocked in the factory courtyard. The amount of water and the Italian hot summer started a fermentation process, and since it was not possible to cast all that tobacco into the Arno river, the decision was made to produce cigars with a completely new taste to be sold to the citizens of Florence. It was an immediate success and the Toscano process remains much the same over 200 years later. With such a long history, the Toscano brand has become iconic and is inextricably linked to the development of Italy.


Origin: Italy
Italian Kentucky
Blend of Italian and American Kentucky
6 x 36
Packaging: Pack of 5

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