Cigar Star Ucana Cigar Humidor


Adorning it with exquisite Tamo Ash wood veneer inlay dyed green adds the signature Cigar Star flare. This makes the perfect desktop cigar humidor for home or office use. This humidor will store up to 60 cigars.

On top of it all, the Ucana cigar humidor comes with a functioning pull out drawer, keeping all your accessories together with your cigars.

Further more providing the global leader in two-way humidification Boveda will be the standard humidification inside to ensure your premium cigars are in the perfect resting environment.

Distinguished, functional, meticulously detailed inside and out.
Cigar Star takes your cigar storage to the next level.

  • Made using Ebony and Tamo Ash
  • Dome lid
  • High gloss multi lacquer finish
  • 2 Hidden quadrant brass hinges.
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
  • Air tight seal
  • Lock and Key
  • Pull out storage drawer, to store your cutter, lighter, and tools.
  • 2 Seasoning 60 gram 84% Boveda packs for seasoning your humidor.
  • 2 Maintenance 60 gram Boveda 72% two-way humidification pack.
  • Measures : Length 10.25″ Width 8.75″ Height 4.25″

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