Cigar Star Classic Black Humidor


Looking for a simple classic black humidor to age your cigars?

Because our Showcase humidors are just so popular, we decided to keep our classic humidor simple. Beautiful matte black finish on the outside.

Some think having a glass top humidor, you loose humidity through the glass, “for the record we do not agree” Sealing all our glass top humidors with the proper mold resistant sealant prevents this. Therefor we have designed our popular Black Showcase Humidor without the glass.

Hygrometer placed outside on front of humidor for easy reading. It will store up to 125 cigars. Includes brass hardware throughout including brass key and lock to keep your cigars safe.

Most importantly this humidor is surrounded by premium quality kiln dried Spanish cedar. This superbly crafted humidor and lid are a perfect match that forms a tight seal to maintain a constant and hassle-free 70% humidity level with an easy refill humidifier system.
Classic Humidor Bubinga

Further more this humidor has a perfect seal and is top quality. Will keep your cigars as fresh as the day you put them in. Allows for perfect aging & superb taste for your tobacco.


  • Matt Black finish.
  • Brass hinges and hardware. INCLUDING PIANO HINGE IN THE REAR.
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish
  • 1 LARGE Transparent crystal humidifier.
  • Spanish cedar air flow rack.
  • 1 large easy-read hygrometer placed on outside.
  • 1 removable Spanish cedar tray.
  • Brass lock with key.
  • Felt on the bottom for scratch resistance.
  • Removable Spanish cedar tray.
  • Solid heavy wood construction.
  • 6″ in height
  • 13″ in length
  • 9″ in width
  • 4 1/4” in depth
  • 2 movable Spanish cedar dividers.
  • Cigar Star Quality!!
  • Will Store 120 42 ring gauge cigars.

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