Leather Trim Ashtray with Cutter Red


This is an incredible four cigar ashtray. This ashtray has been hand crafted in a beautiful cherry color or black with a detailed leather wrap with contrast stitching around the ashtray. A unique look as this ashtray has a slot for the cutter to slide into.

Accommodates 4 cigars (any size). Nice deep center for the ashes and allows the cigar to burn evenly. Easy cleaning with a removable stainless steel tray.

Makes a wonderful gift for any cigar smoker.


7 1/2″ Long
7 1/2″ width
1 1/2″ thick

Included is a single bladed stainless steel cigar cutter which sides into the slot on top of the ashtray.

* Felt on bottom for scratch resistance.

Stainless steel cigar rest and removable tray for easy cleaning of ashes.

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