Guantanamera Minutos (3 Pack)


Whether you’re an experienced smoker looking for something a little lighter, or a new smoker taking your first foray into cigars, the Guantanamera brand is a great place to start. Offering a light-bodied cigar with an interesting combination of flavours, the brand brings something different to the Cuban cigar market.

Relatively speaking, the brand is still young having only been established in 2002. Another aspect of the brand that makes them different from many other Cubans is the fact that they are machine made, rather than hand made. Although many aficionados would prefer a handmade cigar over a machine made, the consistency in construction and affordable price are both strong selling points for this brand.

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Strength: Mild
Size: 43/8 x 42

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