Cigar Star Perfect Draw Tool


There’s just about nothing worse than lighting up one of your favorite cigars that you have taken the time to curate, only to discover it has an impossible draw.

Fortunately, after today you won’t have to worry about that problem ever again. The Cigar shank is a handy tool to create the perfect draw in any cigar.

No matter how stopped up the draw gets, use this draw enhancer to create the perfect draw so that you get precision airflow through any cigar. Having this handy little tool around will save a lot of cigars that would have otherwise ended up in the ashtray early.

Never ever will you be in that scenario that this cigar is no good because of a poor draw.

Machined from high grade stainless steel with 10 serrated edges. “Designed with Quality”

The Precision Draw Enhancer will ensure that any stem or plug preventing a perfect draw gets removed and your cigar will pull and burn evenly.

This is by far the best cigar tool to have around. Knowing that every cigar lover has ran into this problem in the past at some point with a cigar, problem solved.

Did you know, Cigar Star offers a lifetime warranty on this tool? Giving you piece of mind that you will never discard one of your favorite cigars early again.


  • 12.5 cm length
  • 0.5 cm width
  • 0.5cm height
  • Made from High Grade Stainless steel
  • 10 Serrated Edges
  • Life Time Warranty

With that said, knowing  that when you order this exceptional cigar accessory, not only will it will be the last time you will need to order.

The Lifetime warranty ensures you will have the best cigar accessory that can be offered to any cigar lover.

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