Cigar Star Guillotine Ornate Cigar Cutter


Few cigar cutters come close to bringing functionality and design together in a perfect package. This is one such offering from the Cigar Star line up. If you fancy ornate designs over simplicity or modern art, this cigar cutter will fit your bill.

The design cues are very intricate. A lot of curved lines and waves decorate the body, with a dotted line encapsulating it all. You get a subtle Gothic hint in the design when you first look at it but notice the clouds and waves if you look closer. But the color combination of silver and grayish black overrides any rainbow colored unicorn fantasies.

This modern edge gangster’s style icon is much more than just pretty design. It can cut off the tobacco-laced heads off any cigar with ease. The double guillotine, self-sharpening blades on a heavy-duty stainless steel body can cut any shaped cigar.

At 10.5 cm long and 5 cm wide, this open-ended cutter weighs 76 grams. It is as handy as it can ever get, and will fit right in your striped suit, travel case or pocket.

The leather travel sleeve ensures it stays safe while on the go. Like its modern twin, you can gift wrap it with its orange and black gift box. As well as get a lifetime guarantee to boot.

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