Alec Bradley Mundial


“Mundial literally means the world – or worldly. Each cigar size is designat-ed with the prefix “PL”, standing for Punta Lanza (Pointed Lance), a term that one of my mentors once explained as the unique shape of a certain tobacco leaf.” says AB Founder, Alan Rubin. His goal was to create a complex cigar that mimicked that unique shape and honoured his mentor. After six years of blending, he finally had “The Blend” he was proud enough to call worldly. So proud, in fact, that they not only launched the cigars to Tobacconists; to celebrate, they literally launched them into space! They returned with their steady medium bodied intensity they left with.

Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Sizes Available: PL #4: 41/4 x 48; PL #5: 51/8 x 52

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PL #4, PL #5