Lampert Azul 1675 Toro


LAMPERT CIGARS was founded by the lawyer Dr. Stefan Lampert.

The initial idea to create his own cigar brand crossed his mind in 2016 during a vacation in Thailand. Like many other vacationers, Stefan made use of the wide range of tailored suits on the market and wanted to transfer this concept of the tailored suit to a cigar. After all, just like a high-quality tailored suit, every customer has his or her own unique preferences and tastes.

To create a rich and more diverse range of cigars for his portfolio, Stefan looked for more cigar manufacturers in Central America. The choice fell on Nicaragua because of the history of the tobacco, the quality and the great rollers.
It was then that Stefan happened to meet the Ortez family. Stefan and the Ortez family shared thoughts and exchanged ideas about tobacco blends, flavour profiles and shapes. The joint collaboration began and the cigar line LAMPERT 1675 Edición Azul was launched.

The cigar line LAMPERT 1675 Edición Azul was such a success in Europe and the US that Stefan created the cigar line LAMPERT 1675 Edición Rojo in collaboration with the Ortez family. This is a cigar with an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and a binder and filler from Nicaragua.

This cigar offers rich, nuanced flavours that constantly evolve throughout the experience. A full flavoured, medium bodied cigar with a smooth finish. This cigar blends the citrus notes of a high Peruvian priming (ligero) together with fillers grown, fermented and aged by the Ortez family in the Jalapa and Condega valleys. The combination of the five-year-old Peruvian Pelo de Oro with three and four yeah aged fillers delivers a decadent, smooth and flavourful experience. 

Wrapper: Ecuador 
Binder: Nicaragua 
Filler: Nicaragua/Peru
Body: Medium
Size: 6 x 52 

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