CAO Amazon Basin 2023 Extra Añejo


CAO Amazon Basin Limited Edition 2023 Extra Anejo Toro
The CAO Amazon Basin is a limited release item coming from CAO using a tobacco that is only harvested every three years. Grown deep in the Amazon Rainforest in a region known as Bragança, this tobacco is cultivated in undisturbed soil. Extremely limited, only about 5000 pounds of this Bragança tobacco could be purchased by General Cigar Co. CAO has returned to the original blend, now undergoing an additional aging process and dubbing the cigars CAO Amazon Basin Extra Añejo. These cigars feature the same Bragança tobacco from the Amazon.
This tobacco is planted by native farmers that transplant the seeds a full yard apart, providing added sunlight and soil for each plant. After harvesting, the leaves are carefully rolled into rope-like bundles, where they naturally ferment for six months. Finally, the fermented leaves are placed in canoes in order to be transported out of the rainforest, eventually making their way to CAO’s factory in Nicaragua.
The Amazon Basin Extra Añejo cigar is comprised with a high-priming Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, which is secured over a Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Colombia and the cigar’s signature Amazon Bragança tobacco. An additional step has been taken with this release, the rolled cigars are placed in special rooms lined with aromatic Spanish cedar for two years, allowing the tobaccos to marry to perfection while releasing deeper levels of complexity that mellow certain flavour characteristics while bringing others to the forefront.
The result is a medium intensity, offering long-lasting flavours of mineral rich soil, rain soaked oak, cardamom, molasses bread, and touches of salted caramel. 

Just one box of 20 has made its way to Village Cigar Company & Barbershop and won’t last long! 

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil
Strength: Medium
Size: 6 x 52

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